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If you notice a suspicious lump on your foot or ankle, the board-certified podiatrists at Foot & Ankle Specialty Center in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, can help. They evaluate, diagnose, and treat soft tissue masses and tumors that are painful or cancerous. At the first sign of a mass in your lower extremity, call Foot & Ankle Specialty Center for an evaluation or use the online scheduler today.

Soft Tissue Masses and Tumors Q & A

What are soft tissue masses and tumors?

Soft tissue masses and tumors are lumps on your foot or ankle. These often benign (noncancerous) bumps can appear at the site of:

  • Blood vessels
  • Muscles
  • Fat
  • Bone
  • Nerves
  • Ligaments
  • Joint lining

Masses vary in size from 2-8 centimeters. In some cases, a soft tissue mass or tumor is cancerous, which is why getting evaluated by a board-certified podiatrist is crucial.

What are the symptoms of soft tissue masses and tumors?

If you have a mass in your foot or ankle, you might experience the following signs and symptoms:

  • A lump of any size
  • A painful lump
  • Pain, tingling, or numbness in your foot or ankle
  • Recurrence of a lump that’s been removed
  • Swelling beneath the skin
  • Persistent foot or ankle pain
  • Burning pain
  • Weakness in your foot or ankle
  • A lump that increases in size

While most lumps aren’t cancerous, it’s important to have them evaluated by your podiatrist to find out for sure. Even a benign soft tissue mass can cause discomfort, especially if it’s near the bottom of your foot or rubs against your shoe.

How are soft tissue masses and tumors diagnosed? 

Your podiatrist reviews your symptoms and examines your foot and ankle, checking for soft tissue masses and tumors. If they find a lump or suspect you have one based on your symptoms, your provider may suggest one or more of the following imaging tests to make a diagnosis:

  • X-ray
  • CT scan
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI

They might also take a biopsy of the mass to determine if it’s benign or cancerous.

What is the treatment for soft tissue masses and tumors?

After carefully examining your lump and completing imaging tests when necessary, your podiatrist lets you know which treatment is right for you. They might recommend:

Watchful waiting

Not all soft tissue masses and tumors require treatment. If your lump isn’t cancerous and doesn’t bother you, your doctor might suggest watchful waiting to see if it grows or changes in the future.

Compression stockings

For a tissue mass involving blood vessels, your podiatrist might recommend wearing compression stockings or taking pain-relieving medications until it heals.


If your lump is cancerous or painful, your podiatrist numbs the area and surgically removes the mass.

Radiation therapy or chemotherapy

Your doctor might recommend radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both after removing a cancerous tumor to prevent cancer cells from spreading to other tissues.

If you experience a lump in your foot or ankle, call Foot & Ankle Specialty Center for an evaluation or book an appointment online today.